Forest-to-table wild produce

Our passion for hunting wild produce in the forests of the Pacific Northwest led us to provide quality specialty produce that's affordable and healthy. We source wild produce and mushrooms from the lush Pacific Northwest forests, mountains and lowlands, as well as some of the best cultivated mushrooms from local Northwest mushroom farmers.

Wild inspired recipes

There's nothing better than enjoying the  natural bounty that our local forests provide. With years of experience as local foragers, we have some amazing recipes to share with fellow wild produce lovers.

meet the owners

Foraging the Northwest landscape has always been a passion for the folks at Mountain Stream. Through their forest hunting and gatherings, they're able to share their love of Mother Nature's bounty.

wild produce directory

Our experienced wild foragers have a vast knowledge of the edibles found in the Pacific Northwest woodlands and beyond. Browse our directory to learn the best uses, where to find it and when it's ripe.